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A Voice and A Choice

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I am not a writer. Sure, I could write the occasional speech for graduation, poem for a celebration or presentation for a workshop. I could also write the numerous memos, handbooks and letters required for my job as a principal. But that was about the extent of my writing. Then, about a year ago, after being introduced to Twitter by my son @MrMatthewRay, I started to read some amazing blogs. I loved the honesty of what the bloggers had to share and was impressed by their voice.

With the ongoing encouragement of my son, and some prodding as well, I started to blog. I am by no means a passionate blogger. By that I mean, I do not blog on a daily basis or even  on a regular basis. My passion comes in what I say in my blogs. The inspiration doesn’t always come easy and the writing takes some time but that works for me.

Blogging gives me “A Voice and A Choice.” (I respectfully borrow this phrase from the Self Advocacy Association of New York State  When I blog, I no longer have to worry about “spewing the company line,” or saying things that I don’t believe.  I can write what I do believe. I can write about my experiences in the field of education. I can write about my passions. I can share my philosophy and mind set with others. I can write as often as I want. I am thrilled with the responses that I receive and am grateful that people find what I have to say useful.

I still consider myself a novice  blogger and  continually challenge myself to write more.  I am working on it.  And most importantly, I know, I have a voice and a choice.

Thanks to @teachdmac for inviting me to write this post and the Rockstar Meme– how blogging rocked your world. My invitation goes to @SpecialEdAdvice, @Childanxiety, @Singoffpitch, @ChrisVacek and @tperran. These are some people who have valuable contributions to share.

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Why @PernilleRipp Has My Vote In @GOOD’s Great American Teach Off

October 2, 2011 1 comment

Pernille Ripp is a finalist in @GOOD’sGreatAmericanTeachOff . What a well deserved honor for her. It is also an opportunity for her to win $10,000 for use in her classroom.

Recently I came across this quote on a calendar: “It’s not the high powered stardom we need. It’s the undemanding acceptance of who we are. The same is true for our students.” This quote got me thinking about Pernille.

Though the stardom is nice, and the recognition that goes with it is lovely, I think Pernille’s stardom comes from her intrinsic knowledge of who she is and what she believes and transferring that into doing the right things for kids. Though I’ve never seen her teach first hand, her style, philosophy and mind set comes across in her blogs. It’s so ingrained in who she is that it’s become how she is.

Whether she realizes it or not, Pernille is a major influence on many peoples’ transformations as educators. Through the way she thinks, teaches and reaches all children, she’s modeled an educational philosophy and mindset, which, in my opinion, is so right. She encourages members of her PLN to think differently and in turn, change their way of teaching. It is evident by the numerous tweets, retweets and comments on her blogs how many people value Pernille and her message. It should be gratifying for her to know that she makes a difference and is impacting the global community. It’s amazing how it goes on and on and on.

Pernille has my vote. She truly deserves to win the Great American Teach Off. Just imagine what a creative person like Pernille could do with $10,000 to further the learning of her students. Let’s help her find out by voting for her.

In my eyes, Pernille is a star. I hope you think so too

Voting in the Great American Teach Off begins Monday, October 3 at 1 PM EST.You can vote for Pernille one time every day by clicking here.

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