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A Voice and A Choice

I am not a writer. Sure, I could write the occasional speech for graduation, poem for a celebration or presentation for a workshop. I could also write the numerous memos, handbooks and letters required for my job as a principal. But that was about the extent of my writing. Then, about a year ago, after being introduced to Twitter by my son @MrMatthewRay, I started to read some amazing blogs. I loved the honesty of what the bloggers had to share and was impressed by their voice.

With the ongoing encouragement of my son, and some prodding as well, I started to blog. I am by no means a passionate blogger. By that I mean, I do not blog on a daily basis or even  on a regular basis. My passion comes in what I say in my blogs. The inspiration doesn’t always come easy and the writing takes some time but that works for me.

Blogging gives me “A Voice and A Choice.” (I respectfully borrow this phrase from the Self Advocacy Association of New York State http://www.sanys.org/).  When I blog, I no longer have to worry about “spewing the company line,” or saying things that I don’t believe.  I can write what I do believe. I can write about my experiences in the field of education. I can write about my passions. I can share my philosophy and mind set with others. I can write as often as I want. I am thrilled with the responses that I receive and am grateful that people find what I have to say useful.

I still consider myself a novice  blogger and  continually challenge myself to write more.  I am working on it.  And most importantly, I know, I have a voice and a choice.

Thanks to @teachdmac for inviting me to write this post and the Rockstar Meme– how blogging rocked your world. My invitation goes to @SpecialEdAdvice, @Childanxiety, @Singoffpitch, @ChrisVacek and @tperran. These are some people who have valuable contributions to share.

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